Lift Access Controllers

Nowadays, Corporate Offices, Healthcare, Manufacturing Units, Hotels, Chemical Industries, educational and many other buildings are equipped with modern lifts/elevators. These sectors need to intensify security by lifts/elevator access control system. Elock  Lift/Elevator Access Control System authorizes users to have access to specific floors in a building or to all floors, at a pre-determined date and time zone. This helps to have limited access to building or certain floors from unauthorized users. Moreover, Lift/Elevator Access Control system can grant or deny access based on user’s classification, time-based classification and group-wise classification. The access to the elevators can be defined by the administrator through the help of PC based access control management application.

Types of elevator Access control configurations:

  1. Single Elevator Access Control to selected Floors or all floors
  2. Multi- Elevator with Access to Selected Floors or all floors


Multi Door Access Control System

Communication Link:RS232, RS485 or TCP/IP

Support up to 10,000 Card Users and 30,000 Off-Line Transaction Events


8 Ports Lift Interface Module

Communication Link RS232, RS485 or TCP/IP

Remote Door Security ON/OFF Commands | 8 Units 3A Relay NC/NO/COM

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